10/17/2023 – Port Wing September Town Meeting Minutes


September 11, 2023

Click to download PW Town Meeting Minutes 9-11-2023

Budget meeting immediately before the Town Board meeting, starting at 6pm at the Fire Hall.

Meeting called to order at 7 pm, by Chairman, Scott Jardine. Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Scott Jardine, Ken Bodeen, Carri Hoagland, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys, Brett Bodeen, Sam Kurland, and Troy Kavajecz. Motion was made to accept the meeting minutes from 8-7-23 by Carri Hoagland, second by Ken Bodeen. All in favor. Motion was made by Carri Hoagland, second by Ken Bodeen to accept the August 2023 Treasurer report. All in favor.

Citizen’s Input –

  • Planning Committee. Sharon Graham. Advisory document is complete. Next step for board to vote to accept/deny. Scott Jardine tabled and board will vote at next town meeting.
  • Saturday Market – Sally Stimic. Bathrooms need cleaning at town park. Saturday Market is willing to purchase 2 new toilets. Trash needs to be emptied regularly. Floors need paint.
  • Richie Hogfeldt – Need to address the condition of Old 13. Also need to monitor septic dumping at sewer plant. Need to review who is authorized to dump and research contracts. Consider installing cameras at plant to monitor use.
  • Fire Dept needs gravel fill.
  • Fire Department/EMT. Ambulance report read. Reviewed Fire Department report Still need details to make resolution to officially make the Fire Department part of the Town. We still need detailed financials from Fire Department.


  • Solar Project/EV/Microgrid – No update. Hoping to hear by end of year.
  • Blacktop projects – Still waiting for results of grant request. Information from Bob Anderson indicates culverts will be replace in 2023 from County Rd H to Herbster and blacktop will be replaced in 2026. We need to plan our blacktop replacement (grinding up old, etc.) accordingly. Ken Bodeen will be applying for new round of LRIP and/or BIL funds. There have been citizen complaints regarding White Birch Rd, Flagg River Rd, Almstead Hill, Touve Rd, and Quarry Shores Rd.
  • Sewer extension on 5th St. Need to advertise for bids. Pam Holt to get description of project from Town Crew to put in newspaper.
  • Larry Fickbohm, County Supervisor reported that the crosswalk is not approved because there is no “landing” on the Johnson Store side of Highway 13. We will research options to have the proper landing installed (culvert over ditch and sidewalk type landing).
  • Pam and Ken met to review Kinney Valley culvert expenses and Ken will be requesting reimbursement from the State of Wisconsin. We will repay loan once we receive funds from WDOT.
  • Letter from DSPS that mentions Town of Port Wing oversees building permits. Pam Holt will make contact to get clarification.


  • Sidewalk 83405 Washington Avenue. Motion made to allow landowner to remove sidewalk and replace/fill with topsoil and grass by Ken Bodeen, second by Carri Hoagland. All in favor.
  • Harbor – need to purchase No camping signs and paint appropriate lines for vehicles with trailers. Town Crew will add to projects.
  • Stand at park for Waste disposal – Town Crew will look at purchasing and install.
  • Flu Clinic at First Lutheran Church on Oct 11 from 12-2 and Town Hall on Nov 1st from 5-7.


OPERATOR’S INPUT: Troy provided updated calendar of projects/To-do list. Troy noted that there is going to be a need for another culvert replacement on White Birch Rd. We have in culvert necessary to make this replacement. Sand filters at sewer plant cleaned out. Paint on small garage is necessary – it is looking shabby. Ditch by church was completed. Crew has some black top patch and will be repairing spots on roads as needed. Troy and Sam attended the Rural Water Conference in Plover. They need Xcel bills for wells and sewer plant for an energy audit – this is free through the Rural Water Association.

Next meeting set for TUESDAY October 10, 2023, at 7pm AT FIRE HALL. Meeting adjourned by Ken Bodeen, second by Carri Hoagland. All in favor.

Respectively Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Town Clerk