Port Wing, WI - Town Services

Snow Plowing Service

The Town of Port Wing plows the main roads and alleys as soon as possible after a snow storm. They have different routes set up and they go one direction after one snow storm and then reverse the route the next time so it will not always be the same place plowed out first every time; we try to be fair.

The Town would prefer that everyone get their driveways plowed using their own equipment or hiring someone from the private sector to plow as it is not their intention to take business away from anyone trying to make a living by plowing snow. However, due to the fact we really don't have many folks looking for this type of work, the Town does consider plowing driveways. This is done only after all the main roads and alleyways are done.

If you were on our snow-plow list last year, you should receive a pre-season billing towards the end of September for the next season. If you want to remain on the list the fees must be paid by October 15th of each year. After October 15th the fees will double, with no exceptions. For the 2020/2021 season the pre-season fee was $150.00.

Please check before snowfall time for any items that may get buried by the snow. The Town of Port Wing and the Town Crew are not responsible for these items.

If you were not on the plow list last year and you would like to be on it this year, please contact Troy Kavajecz at the garage. Just call 715-774-3695 and leave a message telling him who you are and where your property is located. Be sure to leave your phone number so he can return your call. He will then check out your driveway to make sure they can get our rather large equipment in without any problem.   Snow plow rates are subject to change at any time.

Equipment Use Policy Rates


Minimum charge is $50.00 per job.

Backhoe or Truck - $75.00 per hour
Grader - $100.00 per hour
Steamer - $50.00
per hour.

Load of sand delivered - $50.00
Load of Gravel is the actual cost plus $35.00 per
hour for labor.

Mowing roads or other labor - $35.00 per hour.

Lot mowing - $10.00 per lot per time, $7.50 per lot per time if there are more than 10 lots in one area.

Rates are subject to change at any time.

Municipal Water & Sewer Policy


Call the Town Garage at 715-774-3695 and leave a message for Troy and he will get back to you.

Fee for water is $30.60 plus $5.20 per 1,000 gallons of water used per quarter.

Fee for sewer is $42.75 per month.

NOTE: All outstanding charges must be paid. No work, including snow-plowing, will be done for anyone owing a bill to the town past due for more than 90 days per motion of the Town Board on 01/01/1971

2020 CCR Data Report