11/9/2023 – October Town Board Minutes


October 10, 2023

Click to download PW Town Meeting Minutes 10-10-23

Meeting called to order at 7 pm, by Chairman, Scott Jardine. Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Scott Jardine, Ken Bodeen, Carri Hoagland, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys, Marge Ogren, Brett Bodeen, Sam Kurland, and Troy Kavajecz. Motion was made to accept the meeting minutes from 9-11-23 by Ken Bodeen, second by Carri Hoagland. All in favor. Motion was made by Carri Hoagland, second by Ken Bodeen to accept the September 2023 Treasurer report. All in favor.

Citizen’s Input –

  • Planning Committee. Sharon Graham. Advisory document is complete. Need to remove “Town with Village Powers” or any reference to Village (Port Wing is a Town) from the document. Interim appointments to Town Planning Committee are as follows: Sharon Graham – Chair, Judy Moyer, Gayle Gonsior, Bill Hettler, Terry Zivic, Ken Zivic, Ken Bodeen – Members. Ann Workman- Alternate. Appointments to be made in April 2024.
  • Fire Department/EMT. Ambulance report read. Reviewed Clover proposed budget for SS Ambulance. Ordered one set of turn out gear. Need to come up with a plan on rotating replacement gear. Still need details to make resolution to officially make the Fire Department part of the Town. We still need detailed financials from Fire Department.


  • Solar Project/EV/Microgrid – No update. Hoping to hear by end of year.
  • Blacktop projects –town will get county aid with 50% match. Ken to apply for new LRIP projects by November 1.
  • Motion made to accept bid for “No Camping” and “Trailer Parking” signs at harbor by Carri Hoagland, second by Ken Bodeen. All in favor.
  • Sewer extension on 5th St. Need to advertise for bids. Get updated description for ad.
  • Shiela Bergman reported on new courts at town hall. Need for policy/rules/maintenance committee. Town Board appointed Shiela Bergman, Russ Bailey, Jane Bailey, Beth Carlson, Steve Gustafson and Russ Hurt.
  • Bayfield County Ordinances – ATVs on county roads – limited access. Nothing in Port Wing area has changed. Storage Containers – Port Wing resident is appealing denial of use of storage container on land (Old 13).


  • Old Bus on Lakeview. Ask owner what the plans are to remove.
  • Port Wing Community Signs (as you enter town). Need replacement. Have sign design contest – talk to school art teacher?
  • Dead End sign on Ravine Road. Town crew will install one.


OPERATOR’S INPUT: Troy met with representative from Rural Water. Noticed we are paying sales tax on Xcel invoices. Used up all the blacktop patch. Will be working on culvert on White Birch. Worked on Battle Axe Road with grader. Going to be taking out docks for the season. Flush hydrants and did maintenance on grinder pumps. Snow plow – need to look at driveways for certain residents to see if they can be added. Furnace is running at town hall. Need to fix toilets and install sump pump.

Next meeting set for November 6th, 2023, at 7pm AT FIRE HALL. Meeting adjourned by Ken Bodeen, second by Carri Hoagland. All in favor.

Respectively Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Town Clerk