12/14/2022 – November Town Meeting Minutes


November 7, 2022

Click to download PW Town Meeting Minutes 11-7-22

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Scott Jardine, Pam Holt, Marge Ogren, Nora Tribys, Brett Bodeen Troy Kavajecz and DuWayne Zupke.

Motion was made to accept the meeting minutes from 10-3-22 by Ken Bodeen, second by Scott Jardine.  All in favor.  Motion was made by Scott Jardine to accept the October 2022 Treasurer report, second by Ken Bodeen.  All in favor.

Fire Department/EMT.   Fire Department Budget reviewed. Ambulance report read. 

Citizen’s Input – Planning Committee.  Sharon Graham reported on Public Meeting. Next public meeting will be November 15th.   Saturday Market Report – Judy Moyer.  Market going well for 10 years.  Asked for input on how to make it better.


  • Kinney Valley Project – Construction is complete. Reporting will need to be completed.
  • ARPA Funds – Braff & Helsing Roads – construction is complete. Replaced clay tiles on Braff. Fence was breached around sewer pond and will need to be repaired.  Clean outs need to be added to the project off Helsing Rd. This was in the bid but not completed by contractor.  Contractor has been contacted.
  • Blacktop projects – need to look into grants for Wisconsin Ave near school – this is where EMS would land with helicopter and condition of road is extremely poor. Will look into STP (?) funds for  White Birch and Touve projects.
  • Liquor License for Southshore Bar – New license will be issued. All information received.
  • Sewer hook-ups on 5th Will need to install manhole at Hwy 13 and 5th Street.  Will get bid from contractor.
  • Snow Plowing – Will not be able to plow 2 residents because of difficulty turning around and possibility of damaging equipment. Cannot plow commercial property.


  • Abandonment request for town road off School Road is tabled.
  • Harbor infrastructure projects for Army Corp – none at this time.

ZONING REQUESTS:   Jacques 11960 Touve Rd – RV Permit approved.

OPERATOR’S INPUT:  Working on Water/Sewer projects. Need pumps for sewer – conduit is too small. 6 pumps need conduit replacement.  Have quote from Benson Electric.  Board asked Troy to get another quote. Sewer backed up near County garage.  Gravel was vacuumed out.  Resident is plugged up.  Docks have been removed. Equipment is ready for snow!

Next meeting set for Monday December 5, 2022 after the Budget Meeting at 7pm.   Meeting adjourned by Ken Bodeen, a second by Scott Jardine.  All in favor.

Respectively Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Town Clerk