7/27/2022 – Minutes Town Board Mtg 6/13/2022


June 13, 2022

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Scott Jardine, Pam Holt, Marge Ogren, Nora Tribys, Troy Kavajecz and Brett Bodeen.

Motion was made to accept the May 2022 minutes as presented by Scott Jardine, second by Ken Bodeen.  All in favor.   Motion was made by Scott Jardine to accept the May 2022 Treasurer report with a second by Ken Bodeen.  All in favor.

ZONING REQUESTS:   Alan & Melissa Jacques – RV Permit, Lee & Corrine Gumke – Privy Permit RV Permit, Tim Carpenter – RV Permit, Sarah Olson – Short Term Rental, Erin Hutchinson – Short Term Rental.  All signed and approved.

Fire Department/EMT call report read.

Citizen’s Input –none.


            Blacktop – Ken reported we were not approved for first round of BIL funds.  Ken reapplied for the second round.

ARPA Funds – we will be repairing the sewer line pipe on Braff Road.  Tribovich bid was accepted and will begin work soon.

Health & Wellness Grant –Backboard is here and ready to be installed. Over $8k in donations have been received. We have not yet received the $5000 from Bayfield County to reimburse match.

Clean up Day – Great turnout and the Town Hall looks awesome!  Cleaned over 100 headstones.  Meal provided was delicious.

Solar Panels – Xcel statement will be sent out for analysis.

Kinney Valley Project – Ken met with Engineer and contractor today.  Looking to start by August 1st. Road needs to be reopened by Aug 29th (beginning of school year/bus route).  Suggestion that the Rip Rap be extended by Shawn Haseleu DNR.  Town Hall will be the established field office for the project. We will pay contractor 10% up front for mobilization (at July meeting).

White Birch Culvert has been replaced. Will be bringing in a bit more gravel. Need to bill Bayfield County by October.

Motion to issue the liquor license to the Port Bar made by Scott Jardine.  Second by Russell Bailey.  All in favor.

Motion to issue the liquor license to the South Shore Bar made by Scott Jardine.  Second by Ken Bodeen.  All in favor.

Motion to issue the liquor license to Johnson’s Store made by Ken Bodeen.  Second by Scott Jardine.  All in favor


Expand Town Hall Parking – Add gravel and level off.  Move fence and possibly add a culvert and move Fish Boil building.  Motion to expand the town hall parking made by Ken Bodeen.  Second by Scott Jardine.  All in favor.

CMAR – Resolution 2022-01

Main Street Grant brochure sent to Mary to post on Website.

Reviewed cutting permit Tax ID 28096

Read Email from Beck Kavajecz, South Shore Board of Education regarding space issues at the school.  Pam will respond requesting more information.


OPERATOR’S INPUT:  They have been working on CMAR report.  Troy has not heard anything on the pump for the sewer plant.  They have been working at Chris Williams place on Gust Road. New blade for tractor needs hydraulic valves installed before it can be used.  They have been putting down blacktop patch.  Trying to work grader on Old 13 – the rocks are too big to move/fill in.

LeeAnn Hess reported on cemetery.  Will be getting some of the old monuments repaired. Request made to level out driveway with some gravel.  Board approved.


Next meeting set for Monday, July 18, 2022 at 7pm. (Board of Review will be at 5-7pm the same day). Meeting adjourned by Scott Jardine with a second by Ken Bodeen.  All in favor.


Respectively Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Town Clerk