7/18/2022 – Minutes Town Board Mtg


July 18, 2022

Click to download PW Town Meeting Minutes 7-18-2022

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Scott Jardine, Pam Holt, Marge Ogren, Nora Tribys and Brett Bodeen.

Motion was made to accept the June 2022 minutes with one small correction by Scott Jardine, second by Ken Bodeen.  All in favor.   Motion was made by Ken Bodeen to accept the June 2022 Treasurer report with a second by Scott Jardine.  All in favor.

Fire Department (NO REPORT)/EMT call report readPam will contact FD to get updated reports

Citizen’s Input –Planning Committee – Handed out draft Comprehensive Plan Outline.  Board will review and then discuss at next meeting.


Kinney Valley Project – Project will begin shortly.  Road will be closed from Highway 13 to Landon Road.  Access will be from the south.  Culvert is scheduled to be delivered on August 3rd.

ARPA Funds – we will be repairing the sewer line pipe on Braff Road.  Tribovich will begin work soon.

Health & Wellness Grant –Backboards will be installed Jul 22.  Would like to get town kids here to help clean up and prepare blacktop for resurfacing.  Fire Department will come and hose down right before the scheduled resurfacing.

Grant Opportunities – Solar Panels – Bill Bailey is waiting on data.  Need to get Xcel statements from the Fire Department.

White Birch Culvert has been replaced. Petition to request reimbursement from Bayfield County needs to be sent in by August 1st.


Board of Review met – no issues to discuss.

Reviewed zoning ordinance from Bayfield County

Vacant lots up for sale next to Fire Hall.  No sewer to these lots.

Discussed dog control.


OPERATOR’S INPUT:  They have been putting down the calcium chloride on the Morrison Road to seal gravel and reduce dust. Seems to be working well. New blade for tractor needs hydraulic valves -still working on it.  Working on ditch on Almstead Hill.  Putting down gravel on Touve Road.  DNR is requesting we get settling tank emptied at the sewer plant.  Troy has been contacting subcontractors to get this done.  Sewer pump has been installed.  The second pump on back-order until October.  Requested the town garage parking area get seal coated (approx. $350).  Board agrees.  Board brought up citizen concern on Flag River Road to snowmobile bridge is in disrepair.  Need to see what the town crew can do to fix.

Next meeting set for Wednesday August 3 2022 at 7pm. Meeting adjourned by Scott Jardine with a second by Ken Bodeen.  All in favor.

Respectively Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Town Clerk