8/10/2023 – July Town Board Minutes


July 10, 2023

Click to download PW Town Meeting Minutes 7-10-23

Meeting called to order at 7 pm, by Chairman, Scott Jardine. Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Scott Jardine, Ken Bodeen, Carri Hoagland, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys, Marge Ogren, Brett Bodeen, Sam Kurland, and Troy Kavajecz. Motion was made to accept the meeting minutes from 6-5-23 by Carri Hoagland, second by Ken Bodeen. All in favor. Motion was made by Ken Bodeen, second by Carri Hoagland to accept the June 2023 Treasurer report. All in favor.

Citizen’s Input –

  • Planning Committee. Comment Meeting set for August 1st.
  • Fire Department/EMT. Ambulance report read. Fire Department making a request for funding Turn Out Gear – approximately $85,000. Scott will be meeting with Tygar and Stacy later this week.


  • Solar Project/EV/Microgrid – Bill Bailey is sending our application to the State of Wisconsin later this week. Motion made by Ken Bodeen for a Non-Binding Resolution with a Memorandum of Understanding stating the desire to participate in the project, second by Carri Hoagland. All in favor.
  • Blacktop projects – Still waiting for results of grant request.
  • 83345 Washington Avenue – demolition to start next week.
  • Health and Rec Grant – waiting on the resurface of the court.
  • • Introduce Sam Kurland as new Town Crew person.
  • Sewer extension on 5th St. Need to get estimate of the cost. Need to calculate how to assess cost to land owners. Will also need to review cost of Helsing landowners to assess cost to landowners.


  • Sanitary District – Motion made to appoint Richard Lowney as Commissioner for six-year term by Carri Hoagland, second by Ken Bodeen. All in favor.
  • Cross walk on Highway 13. State wants town input where to put yellow flashing lights and painted crosswalk. Possible Grand/Hwy 13 – but this ends in a ditch by Johnson’s Store.
  • Speed Limit through town – how do we get reduced to 30mph.
  • ATV Routes – need input for County Road A. 20 people at meeting were all against ATV routes on county roads.
  • Restrooms at Harbor to be cleaned by Maryann McKenzie (Spelling?) Thank you, Maryann!
  • Bayfield County Zoning – shipping containers redone as homes/cabins. Concern over how these will affect land values/esthetics of the area.
  • Suggestion made to consider part-time position to assist town crew for water/sewer tasks.


OPERATOR’S INPUT: Troy reported Dosing Tank cleaned. Settling tanks need to be cleaned. Need to find places to dump. Need to install new grinder pump on School Road. Putting down Blacktop patch. Need to call Republic Waste back because additional dumpster has not been delivered. Borgstrom Road sign should be installed this week. Lakeside – need to add gravel to road on Seagull. Concern over cleaning up north end of Washington St. Old Boat/Shed/School Bus. Scott will talk to owners.

Next meeting set for Monday August 7, 2023, at 7pm AT FIRE HALL. Meeting adjourned by Ken Bodeen, second by Carri Hoagland. All in favor.

Respectively Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Town Clerk