Bayfield County Van Service February Special

Bayfield County Door2Door
February Sweetheart Special

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Bayfield County has a fairly new (started in 2022) public van service for residents that currently do not have access to public transit.

This van service is ‘door to door’ and can take riders from within Bayfield county to anywhere else in Bayfield County: or to Ashland, or to Hayward.

This service can be used for any reason, including medical appointments, shopping and/or social activities.

For those that are unfamiliar with BayCo Door2Door, we have included a brief description below and attached our brochure above.

We are interested in getting the word out to all Bayfield County residents, especially those that may not drive or are socially isolated.

Any way that town clerks and/or town boards could assist in spreading this information would be much appreciated.

We are currently running a half-off fares special for people over the age of 60 during the month of February.

Bayfield County Door2Door February Special


BayCo Door2Door is a BART van service that provides public transportation from your door in Bayfield County to anywhere else in Bayfield County, or to the cities of Ashland and Hayward, and back.

**Certain restrictions apply. The fares are distance-based. To schedule a ride or for more information, please call 715-682-9664.

There are programs to assist with fares for older adults and people with disabilities who may struggle to pay transportation fees.

Waivers may be available to households on a low/fixed income or those who have exceptionally high expenses due to their unique circumstances.

Older adult and disabled riders in Bayfield County are encouraged to contact the ADRC of the North at 1-866-663-3607 to discuss fare options.

**If public transit is available for the ride you are requesting, you may be directed to ride the bus as the FTA prohibits duplication of services.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday      8:30 AM  –  6:30 PM
Call us at 715-682-9664